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About the Consortium

CIPAM strengthens capacity for policy making, planning and managing protected areas throughout the world through education, training, technical cooperation and research.

We envision protected area networks that represent the diversity of life on earth and enhance ecological and cultural benefits for local, national, and global communities.


  1. Education is a process of mutual learning based on open exchange and a respect for multiple forms of knowledge.
  2. We recognize that our approach to protected area management is based on knowledge gained through the scientific process. At the same time we are awed and inspired by the beauty of nature and we want to protect it.
  3. We recognize that protected areas are diverse and their viability is defined by the local and broader cultural and ecological landscape, thereby necessitating a variety of approaches that fit into this broader landscape.
  4. Education of individuals, institutions and organizations that fosters understanding and empowerment.
  5. Effective partnerships, collaboration and the involvement of civil society are fundamental to improving protected area management.
  6. Creativity and innovation that are enhanced through diversity and inclusion.
  7. Trust and openness are created through active inclusion of stakeholders, especially marginalized groups.
  8. Critical and integrative thinking, risk taking, and responsibility in protected area management.
  9. Lasting friendships and institutional commitments created through cooperation and experiential field-based learning settings.
  10. We recognize that dynamic natural and cultural systems are paramount to the success of protected area management.

Shared Approach
Our approach is collaborative. CIPAM works simultaneously with those involved in protected area management from the local level to the national level and, when appropriate, the international level.

Our approach is education-oriented. CIPAM begins with sharing up-to-date knowledge and technology, encourages participants to tailor it to their own situations, facilitates the practice and evaluation of their adaptations, and provides opportunities for on-going learning and for them to share their successes and failures through a world-wide network of protected area managers and stakeholders.

Our approach is research-oriented. CIPAM recognizes the scientific method as the foundation for developing up-to-date knowledge and technology about protected areas and management systems.

Our approach is empowering. CIPAM builds capacity at the protected area level.

Our approach is based on human relationships. We believe in a working environment that nurtures friendships and mutual respect ensures trust and values creativity is essential to CIPAM's success.

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